Brookline Tai Chi Membership confers many advantages and benefits, including:

1. 20% Member discount rate on weekly classes. These average $45-50 off most classes, which means the Membership pays for itself if you take just one class per week per semester!

2. Member discount rates on workshops, camps, and trainings. These average, again, $40+ off a typical 3hr weekend workshop, so just one workshop per semester and one summer program pays 100% of membership cost.

3. 20% off books, DVDs, shoes, and other items for sale in our store.

4. A beautiful BTC 25 T-shirt, in your choice of size and color (okay, they’re black–but they’re cool!)

5. The opportunity to be part of the BTC Community.

 BTC Membership is only $200 for 12 months. If you take just one class per week each 12-week session and two workshops per year, you will save $300 over the year. If, as many of our students do, you take more than one class and more than one workshop, bootcamp or special program, you could easily save $500 or more over the year. It’s a great deal!

Sign up by following the link below: