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Brookline Tai Chi  is one of the oldest and most respected schools of Tai Chi and Qigong in New England, in continuous operation since 1992.

BTC Director, Don Miller brings over fifty years of experience to the creation of a unique range of courses and trainings that “enliven, enlighten, and empower” students of all ages and levels of ability.

As the school approaches its fifth decade, we are committed to the idea of “bringing Tai Chi to those who need it the most”–the elderly, the disabled, the economically disadvantaged; while at the same time providing the highest quality instruction available in authentic Tai Chi and Asian internal arts.

Our method values the development of Tai Chi qualities–root, centering, flow–over memorizing sequences; direct/present experience over imagined future results; the deep and essential over surface form and appearance.

For those who have been hesitant to try Tai Chi, feeling that it is just too inaccessible or difficult to learn, taking a class with Don is like directly plugging yourself into a current   The light comes on and you feel great.  If you have been practicing in black and white, it is time to practice in full color.”                                                   –Les F.

As of September 2021, we offer 20 different weekly classes, and an array of special programs and workshops every season. We also partner with outside facilities and agencies; and train teachers to disseminate our Tai Chi to reduce falls, increase energy and promote well-being.

What I find that makes it worth the trek from Ohio to Massachusetts is knowledge beyond any previous exposure I have enjoyed, more of a guide in exploration of the core principles underlying Tai Chi than a teacher presenting information….Classes in Brookline are fun, informative, understandable, and invigorating. More I cannot ask.

                                                                        –Michael R.